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Wonderful Pistacchios


Campaign - 2013

My buddy Jason (a saint of a very special kind) got me a bunch of this work, it's the coolest thing to score national ads. And a very intense and demanding workflow. You never know until you actually see it for yourself while watching CSI half asleep..... AAAHHH

Cardiff Skate Co.


Ad - 2013

Joachim Cooder brought this to me, and we knocked it out quite efficently i must say. Working with JC is the best. Everything is allowed, but focused. You're actually having fun working.

Wonderful Pistacchios


Campaign - 2013

Got down, drums done,

texted Erica (8months preggers),

she rolls out of bed with a beanie on, walks in the studio with entire ad agency present and cranks out some crazy ass hooky melody. And leaves again for slumber.

Telefora - Give


Superbowl ad 2012

There are times when you feel the pressure. That was one of those times.

My Blueberry Nights 


A film by Wong Kar Wai (soundtrack) 

Ry dug through my instrumental archives for this film and picked this one. He replaced my electric guitar noodeling with a real man's bottleneck on an acoustic, and that changed my life.

Beating The Bomb


Full Length Docu - Score 2010

So up my alley. It's tricky to score a documentary with a subject like this one. But rewarding when it works out. Thanks Wolfi!

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